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London Division

Contracts Director: John Riding

Operating from our London depot, where we have been established for many years, providing an ideal distribution point, allowing us access to the various areas we cover.
Heading up the London team is the Regional Director John Riding, who has been with the company for the last two decades and has seen the company prosper and expand over that period.

Further growth is anticipated as D+R projects that it will acquire a greater market share in the future of the construction industry.
At present, the company is acknowledged as a leading force in the market and shall enhance its reputation in the future.

How is this to be achieved?

We shall build further on the foundations that were established in previous years based on a fundamental strategy tailored to provide practical solutions to our customers requirements.

Part of this fundamental strategy is based on progressive attitudes, allied with a constant review of procedures and quality, enabling us to provide our customers with a wide range of possible solutions to suit their projects.

Also, through our combined knowledge and experience we can assure our customers a sustained and reliable service developed via an effective and efficient management team that understands the concerns of the construction industry.

The success of the London region can be measured in many ways, most notably by the acquisition of numerous works through repeat business indicating customer's satisfaction of D+R's service and commitment. The capabilities and resources are sufficient to provide customers with confidence and peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that the problem of access on site has been solved by the most professional scaffold package around.

In addition the many awards and letters of commendation received confirm client satisfaction where complex works requiring particular attention and detailed planning have been completed on time.

Contact: John Riding


D+R Group plc - London,
Railway Approach,
Consort Road,
SE15 2PR


West End / City Division

D+R have successfully carried out many prestigious projects via this division Many of these projects have been completed utilising typical tube and fitting scaffolds and more recently system type scaffolds, such as Haki or Layher All Round and in some cases a combination of both scaffold and power platforms.

Below is a list of some of these projects:

Houses of Parliament

  • House of Lords
  • Central Tower
  • Westminster Hall
  • Speakers Court
  • House of Commons
  • Big Ben Clock


  • Natural History Museum, Kensington
  • Science Museum, Kensington
  • V+A Museum, Kensington
  • Toy Museum, Kensington
  • British Museum

Nelson's Column - Twice


  • Buckingham Palace
  • Kensington Palace
  • St Jame's Palace
  • Hampton Court Palace


  • Old War Office
  • Ministry Of Defence
  • R.U.SI. Building
  • Banqueting Hall
  • Horse Guards Parade

These are but a small selection of the projects carried out through this division.


South East Division

D+R have successfully carried out many projects via this division. Many of these projects have been completed utilising typical tube and fitting scaffolds and more recently system type scaffolds, such as Haki or Layher All Round and in some cases a combination of both scaffold and power platforms.

Below is a list of some of those projects:

These are but a small selection of the projects carried out through this division

  • Wimbledon Centre Court Retractable Roof
  • Wimbledon Millenium Building
  • LIDL Head Office Wimbledon
  • Wandsworth Prison
  • Maidstone Prison
  • Toyota Headquarters Epsom
  • Mountbatten House Chatham
  • Brixton Underground Station
  • Peckham Rye Station
  • Woolwich Equitable House
  • Charter School Dulwich
  • Goldsmith College New Cross
  • School of Excellence Mitcham
  • Dulwich College
  • Setchell Estate Southwark
  • Stockwell Estate
  • Mottingham Estate
  • Elim Estate
  • St. Olaves Estate
  • China Walk Estate
  • Clapham Park Estate
  • Peckham Library
  • Romford Library
  • WoolwichBarracks
  • St. Georges The Matyr
  • Yote Court East Peckham


Cradles Division Manager Doug Conroy 
Tel  020 7639 4861 
Fax 020 7358 1105

Doug has proved to be an invaluable asset throughout his years with the company and is able to provide excellent mobile access in various forms, mainly via power cradles or rope operated cradles and bosun's chairs.

His many years of practical experience and expertise have provided Doug with a comprehensive knowledge of all types of cradle access. Doug is also capable of providing training to ensure users are conversant in the use of cradles.

Below are details of two of our Division's projects:

Project: Kings College Hospital
Location: Dulwich
Project Team:
Doug Conroy - Contracts Manager
Steve Conroy - Cradle Fixer
Martin Rawlings - Cradle Fixer

Description: Consisting mainly of painting works and minor repairs, a combination of power and rope cradles were used for the works. The whole project had to be complete in just twelve weeks. This proved a determining factor based on the knowledge of the service the cradle team had provided previously.

Elements of work carried out:

•  Brick pointing
•  Painting
•  Remedial works

Scaffold elements:

•  Electrically powered cradles
•  Rope cradles
•  Protection fans
•  Herras fencing

Project: Strongbow Crescent
Location: Eltham
Project Team:
Doug Conroy - Cradle Manager
Steve Conroy - Cradle Supervisor
Martin Rawlings - Cradle Fixer

Description: Project consisted of two blocks of flats requiring general repairs and maintenance. The works were detailed to be carried out via electrically powered access cradles, three to each block shifted around the blocks with progress of work.

The erection of the cradles were carried out via three piece jibs complete with cradle weights placed in the baskets attached. Once the jib structures were complete the sky wires are attached and affixed to the cradle platforms along with the main power wires fed to and through the winch. Additional supportive scaffolds were erected from nearby balcony structures.

Protection fans were erected below each cradle position. Cradles ran off a 240/13amp supply complete with isolated fuse set up.

Elements of scaffold: •  Erect and dismantle six cradles
•  Shift and reposition
•  Protection fans
•  Support scaffolds
•  Herras fencing

Elements of work carried out: •  Brick cleaning
•  Window repairs
•  Painting
•  Mastic application


Eastern Division

A full contract scaffold service with area of operations being East and North London, South Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Essex and most of Kent.

Project Team
Regional Director: Richard Parkinson
Having gained over 20 years experience within the scaffolding industry, working at all levels. Richard is responsible for all operations.
Telephone: 01268 525678
Fax: 01268 284478
Estimator / Surveyor: David Porter
Oversees and formulates documentation, from tender via contract on to final account.
Contract Supervisors:
John Forecast
Dave Smith
Having over fifty years experience between them, our Supervisors have encountered most of the different varieties of scaffolds which may arise.
Yard: Geoff Cox
Responsible for day to day management of transport and materials.
Office:Sarah Lutkin 
Ensures everything else runs smoothly.
We place a large emphasis on health and safety matters within our organisation and directly employ only operatives qualified for the work in hand.

Our ongoing and new entrant training in association with the N.A.S.C. and C.I.T.B. ensures that we produce works to the high standards required by the construction and allied industries.

We currently employ in excess of 50 certified scaffolders. This coupled with the resources and back up of a major company ensures we are able to cope with any project which may arise.
Below are details of two of our Eastern Division's projects:

Project: Basildon Bus Station
Location: Basildon
Description: In order to gain access for tiling works it was apparent that the canopy was of insufficient strength to enable scaffolding to take support.

It was envisaged that a suspended platform would be required. To further complicate matters it was decided that the adjacent roof was also not able to take the loadings. D+R Design Office prepared drawings showing supports being taken from brickwork piles, thus transferring the loads directly onto the reinforced columns going to ground.

Upon D+R gaining structural approval the works commenced and following the design details we were able to complete within two weeks, enabling the tiling works to continue.
Project: St Mary Magdelens Church
Description: To repair the timber framed steeple of the church which needed major structural repairs.

The steeple supports needed to be replaced and it was therefore necessary to support the timber elements as they were replaced in an agreed sequence.

Whilst these works where underway it was vital that the open sections of the steeple were protected from water ingress.

The design of the structure as shown took all of these matters into account including the structure guy lines for added stability.

Southern Division

The Southern Division of D+R Scaffold was established in 1992, strategically located in Horsham, to serve East and West Sussex, Surrey, and the western fringes of Kent.

All employees are directly employed and C.I.T.B. registered and the depot shows a continuing commitment to training new entrants to the industry and ongoing training to existing employees.

The Depot has expanded steadily to become the leading service provider for the supply, erection and dismantling of traditional access scaffolding in the area.

Recent expansion and improvement to the facilities at the depot will assist in the storage, maintenance and rapid distribution of equipment to site locations.

Below are details of two of our Southern Division's projects:

Project: Surrey University
Location: Surrey
Description: A large construction project to provide office and teaching space for Surrey University Erected initially for R. C. frame construction then adapted for full elevation patent glazing.

The building at one end is shaped like the prow of a ship and provided a challenge with the design and erection of the access scaffold. This was provided by a fully designed birdcage type access scaffold sheeted in with the clients own Monarflex sheeting.

Various types of scaffold were utilised during the construction:

  • Independent
  • Hoist towers
  • Ladder access towers
  • Loading bays
  • Birdcages
  • Lift shaft scaffolds

A permanent team of scaffolders were used on this contract ensuring continued quality of workmanship and the building of successful working practices with the client's site team.

Project: Phoenix Brewery
Location: Brighton
Description: A mixed development of sheltered housing (new build) and refurbishment of listed buildings to provide private apartments. Traditional bricklayers scaffold was provided to 4 No. blocks together with loading bays, hoist towers, chutes and internal bricklayers scaffold.

A fully boarded scaffold was provided clad in debris netting to the existing listed building. A temporary roof erected using unit beams and cast iron sheets was provided to 2 houses to enable replacement of the existing roof structure.

To enable access for drainage and groundwork's, the rear elevation was bridged and supported using 92 unit beams to support the existing scaffold and the temporary roof above.

As is our common practice a permanent team of Scaffolders were utilised on the project to ensure continuous quality of workmanship.

Rail Division

 Contract Manager: Steve Trimmer

  • Telephone: 01268 525678
  • Fax: 01268 284478
  • Email:
  • Supervisor: John Forecast
  • Building on their success in carrying out contracts throughout the south east of england, this division has diversified into providing a specialised service for railway infrastructure works. With an appropriately qualified work force D+R see this as further proof of their determination to provide a complete service to all elements of the construction industry and to further the companies expansion plans.

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