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Quality Assurance

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Quality Policy Statement

D+R Scaffold is committed to providing services which meet the needs of our customers in terms of Quality, Cost and Programme.

The responsibility for Quality is shared by all employees, both management and operatives. Management provides the equipment, systems, training and leadership and it is then everyone's responsibility to ensure that the appropriate quality level is achieved in every aspect of our operations.

We will focus on:

  • Ensuring that our staff are competent
  • Ensuring we meet customer, statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Setting objectives which are measurable and regularly reviewed
  • Working to processes which seek to continually improve our performance
  • Seeking Customer Feedback
  • Seeking to do things right the first time
  • Reviewing the Quality Management System to ensure its compliance with the Standard

Details of systems and procedures are contained in the Business Manual.

In 1990 when D+R was accredited with its Certification of Quality Assurance, it became one of the first scaffold companies to receive this recognition. Regular statutory appraisals continue to see Certification maintained. We are therefore proud of our achievements to date, which have established us as one of the largest privately owned scaffold companies in the U.K.


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